The LUPE Lecture Series Speakers Bios

See our director's bio and comments below and please check back
spring 2013 for upcoming speaker's bios.
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Mark Barrett, MKin, CSCS, CEP - Director, Lupe Lecture Series

Mark has worked in many areas of health and fitness since 1995. Working as a strength coach, exercise physiologist (in Canada & overseas), wellness coach, and part-time university instructor, he has a large amount of experience to draw from. Mark currently is the Director of Strong Cowboy Inc. and works with athletes (rodeo, hockey, alpine skiing) and non athletes as a strength and conditioning coach. Mark is also a member of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team as the team’s exercise physiologist.

‘In my experience, education is key to improving one’s health and performance. Living a healthy lifestyle boils down to practicing good habits on a daily basis. People need the right information and strategies to integrate healthy habits into their lives. Whether their goals are performance related or health related - both require receiving and assimilating the right information. With the LUPE Lecture Series, we hope we can do that for you.’