The LUPE Lecture Series

We will resume our series in the spring of 2013.
Please check back soon for updates on our coming lectures.

Examples of past lectures

‘When Losing is Winning’ - Kim Wagner Jones, MSc, RD
Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is a goal for many Calgarians. “When Losing is Winning” explores successful strategies for weight loss and maintenance, and provides sound nutrition advice that includes the concepts of nutrient layering and food rehab.
Current research in the area of nutrition and healthy body weight discussed.

'The psychology of getting active and staying motivated’ - Dave Paskevich, PhD
Staying motivated to exercise is tough. In fact, the hardest part is usually getting started and maintaining your new routine for the first year (up to 50% of individuals who start a fitness routine will have stopped in 4-6 months). The lecture will examine barriers to exercise, as well as understanding one’s motivation or lack of it. A look into the sport psychology with high performance athletes as well.

‘Biomechanical & clinical factors associated with running injuries’ - Reed Ferber, PhD
Over 50% of runners will sustain a musculoskeletal injury every year. Our research is geared towards prevention and optimal treatment of running injuries and we will discuss simple and highly effective methods that every runner can incorporate into their regime.

‘Back in Action - All you need to know about your lower back’ - Christy Tomkins, PhD
Ever had lower back pain? Ever wondered what exactly is going on in your low back and why it feels like it might be changing over time? We will discuss the anatomy of the spine, common low back conditions, possible management strategies and some recommended back exercises. We will also review current trends in low back pain research and how these can be applied to helping you be active and ‘back healthy’.